Microdata and SERPs



This article presents the notes from an SMX Advance panel about micro data and rich snippets.  There is a lot of good information in the article and I have selected a few points I thought were particularly interesting.  First, when multiple types of mark up are included, such as author, rating, product information etc Google will display different types of rich snippets based on the keyword being search for.  Second, when author markup is used and a reader goes to the link and then hits the back button a “more by” type box shows up in the SERP.  And third, bread crumbs are a possible rich snippet options, which opens up opportunities for purely informational articles that don’t easily lend themselves to other types of rich snippets.


Schema.org Markup for Organization Logos


Using schema.org markup for organization logos

This is a short announcement that Google is now recognizing schema.org’s logo designation.  This means that an image can be labeled as a logo and it will help inform the search algorithm.  This will also make it more likely that the logo will show up in knowledge graph boxes when users search for the business.