Headline Preferences



This articles summarizes the results of a study about headlines.  It breaks down the five common types of headlines: normal, question, number, how to and reader addressing.  It then looks at survey data as to the preference for each type of headline.  The results found that number (such as _ ways to _) were by far the most common with reader addressing coming in second.  The conclusion that was drawn from the data is that readers like headline that are clear as possible, giving precise information about what is in the article.

There are also some statistics here about the importance of headlines.  2 million blog posts, 294 billion emails, and 864 thousand hours of video are created daily.  That’s a lot of content, and while many people look at a large number of headlines statistics show that only about 20% of articles that are seen are actually read.  This means that creating headlines that are enticing and appealing is incredibly important.